I Won’t Have Crooked Teeth Much Longer

I was never happy with my smile, but I honestly didn’t think I had much of a choice when it came down to it. Some people are born with beautiful teeth, and others have teeth like I do. I always thought that if I had orthodontics treatment when I was a child, then maybe I would have had a different outcome. When I became an adult, I honestly thought that those days were over, and I basically accepted it. Then, I made an appointment with a new dentist in the area because mine was retiring.

When I had my first cleaning and exam, I was given good news, which is what I always received at the dentist. I had no cavities, which is the gold star for a dentist’s patient. I made a joke to the dentist after the exam that if I could only go back 20 years so I could have my perfect smile. He told me that it is never too late to have work done to make a nicer smile. Continue reading “I Won’t Have Crooked Teeth Much Longer”