Choosing the Right Caregiver

Many of my clients have never gone through the process of interviewing and choosing the right caregiver. They are unsure of the attributes that they should be zeroing in on. There are certainly many criteria that one must take into account and prioritizing them may be very individual but here are some that should be considered.

Communication. It is essential that you can communicate with the caregiver. The caregiver may not speak perfect English but should certainly understand most of what you tell him or her. Since the only language that I know is English, my clients can rest assure that the caregiver’s first test has to be if they can communicate with me. Beyond that, there are some individuals that are better with relaying vital information and have the good common sense to know when to do so. That would be information that you could find out from their references.

Price. Every family has a budget in mind for how much they would like to spend per week on a caregiver. For some the price point is the sticking point, for others there are more important criteria. Be very clear on how much you can spend and be realistic with your expectations. Price does not always determine the quality of the caregiver but it may limit your selection and the skills set that the caregiver may possess.

Skills. For some families, only very basic skills are necessary; for others, more sophisticated skills are called for. Some basic skills are: cooking, cleaning, bathing, dressing, Skin Care and medication reminders. Some advanced skills may entail: Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Lifting and Transferring, Incontinence Care, Respiratory Care (Oxygen Mask), and Feeding (pureed and thickened foods). All these should be taken in account when setting a price point and of course, when selecting a caregiver.

Personality and Demeanor. There are some families who want their caregiver to be demure, quiet and low key; others want a take charge, strong and talkative individual; others want someone in between. This is something that should be evaluated during the intake process as one of the criteria for your search.

Character. A caregiver should be dependable, trustworthy, intelligent, responsible, caring, compassionate, on- time, reliable, clean, friendly, taking initiative level headed etc., all with the right measure. Since each family feels more strongly about some character traits than others, prioritizing them would be important to do before the interview process. These traits may be verified by calling references as well and observing the caregiver during the interview process.

Chemistry. The elusive and abstract chemistry between two people is difficult to describe and to ascertain but there is always our initial gut reaction. Liking the person at your initial meeting may be a good barometer of future interaction but of course, no guarantee. You can only hope for the best.

Sometimes we get it right the first time around and sometimes not. Even equipped with all this knowledge, sometimes our first choice may not be the best choice. I always tell my clients that they are not “married” to the caregiver and have the right to interview and hire another to replace him or her. It is helpful to work with an agency and especially an experienced intake counselor who can also guide you through this process.

Cosmetology School and the Esthetics Course

A cosmetology school likeĀ aesthetics college glendale az has different courses to offer the students. These courses include, but are not limited to, hairstyling, skin care and the use of different equipment to improve the individual. The aim of almost all of the branches and courses in these educational institutions is to beautify, improve and alter the appearance of the individual through various applications and procedures. Skin care is an important aspect of beauty and this aspect falls under the esthetics field.


Esthetics is a course that basically involves the skin, its care and its maintenance. Although the skin is very specific, there are also other parts of the body that are included, such as the nails, eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair. Not all of the estheticians include these in their treatments but many do so since they must have taken these up when they were being educated and trained for cosmetology. Graduates of the esthetics course from the cosmetology school usually land jobs in spas, dermatologists’ clinics, salons and other places that specialize in the care and maintenance of the skin. Usually, the treatments and remedies that these professionals apply and use on their clients are through their own hands with the use of natural essences and /or chemicals. The use of equipment is also another part of being an esthetician. There are several machines, equipment and tools that are very handy when it comes to making a person beautiful or in improving the way he or she looks. Among the most popular ones are the ones that promote peeling of the skin and removing of blemishes. Dermabrasion, also known as skin peeling and microdermabrasion is a very popular process that is commonly taught at any cosmetology school since it is a common procedure. Hair removal with the use of lasers and waxes also fall under the responsibility and skills of the professionals who have been educated and trained in their implementation.

There is a body of government that is responsible for the issuance of licenses and the overseeing of the standards of these professionals. The board that oversees this particular field requires that those who practice esthetics particularly electrolysis, permanent makeup and laser hair removal. These professionals need to complete a number of hours training in order to be licensed and recognized by the board. Post graduate training is also a requirement for those who may want to work at a medical doctor’s clinic. The reason behind this is because they will be dealing with medical treatments and medicines that need regulation. Even some of the procedures need to be regulated properly so that there will be no mistake when it comes to giving it to the client.

Even though these professionals deal with the skin and its care, they are not dermatologists and any medical disorders or diseases that may be present in the clients’ skin needs to be referred to a medical professional. The cosmetology school offers a lot of other specialties, which may fall under the esthetics field. Many students like the variety of the field and its procedures.

I Won’t Have Crooked Teeth Much Longer

I was never happy with my smile, but I honestly didn’t think I had much of a choice when it came down to it. Some people are born with beautiful teeth, and others have teeth like I do. I always thought that if I had orthodontics treatment when I was a child, then maybe I would have had a different outcome. When I became an adult, I honestly thought that those days were over, and I basically accepted it. Then, I made an appointment with a new dentist in the area because mine was retiring.

When I had my first cleaning and exam, I was given good news, which is what I always received at the dentist. I had no cavities, which is the gold star for a dentist’s patient. I made a joke to the dentist after the exam that if I could only go back 20 years so I could have my perfect smile. He told me that it is never too late to have work done to make a nicer smile. Continue reading “I Won’t Have Crooked Teeth Much Longer”