I Won’t Have Crooked Teeth Much Longer

I was never happy with my smile, but I honestly didn’t think I had much of a choice when it came down to it. Some people are born with beautiful teeth, and others have teeth like I do. I always thought that if I had orthodontics treatment when I was a child, then maybe I would have had a different outcome. When I became an adult, I honestly thought that those days were over, and I basically accepted it. Then, I made an appointment with a new dentist in the area because mine was retiring.

When I had my first cleaning and exam, I was given good news, which is what I always received at the dentist. I had no cavities, which is the gold star for a dentist’s patient. I made a joke to the dentist after the exam that if I could only go back 20 years so I could have my perfect smile. He told me that it is never too late to have work done to make a nicer smile. He said that even though my teeth were extremely healthy, that he would still be able to help me with the few in the front that were crooked.

He told me about aligners that a lot of adults use rather than the metal braces that are typically seen in children. I had no idea that there even was a thing like adult braces, so I definitely wanted to learn as much as I could about it. He was able to explain in full detail, and his office staff went over the pricing with me, which was extremely reasonable. I had him fit me for aligners, and I am so looking forward to seeing how they work after I have worn them for a while. The best part is that few people even know I have them because they are that hard to see in my mouth!